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Mirtrons are a sub-class of micro RNAs (miRNAs) derived from small introns. They differ from canonical miRNAs due to its use of splicing to the cleavage process of the first stage of its biogenesis. Several studies describe mirtrons in chordates, vertebrates and plants, but there was no repository that centralizes and organizes such records. We have created mirtronDB, the first database devoted to mirtron information.


We are updating H. Sapiens and M. muscullus sequences from paper 26325366.
We expect to publish this update until late January 2021.

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Fonseca, B. H. R.; Domingues, D. S. and Paschoal, A. R.

Cumulative mirtrons literature and data distribuition

Cumulative distribution of mirtron papers, precursor
and mature mirtron sequences.